Glass Blowing Employment

Some potential jobs for a glass blowing expert are in museums or glass factories where they perform live demonstrations for guests and tours. Freelancing as a glass blower had become a potentially lucrative option. Starting out can be challenging, but over time you can gain an excellent reputation for creating one of a kind works of art. Just be sure you have another source of income until you can make it to the lucrative stage. Unless you succeed as a blossoming artist and freelancer, the average salary for a glassblower is about $45,000.

Some glass studios will hire interns to give them more exposure to work and experience. A typical job listing might resemble this:

• The shop owner may offer you a blow time slot during regular hours; however, if busy you may be expected to work either part time or full time. Sometimes the offer will include things like:
• They may allow you to freelance at the same time, be sure you confirm this; some may consider it a conflict of interest
• You get broad experience in how to run a studio, building necessary equipment, glass chemistry, welding and metal fabrication, electrical work and of course glassblowing
• If you can get on to a hot studio, you may get to travel domestically and internationally
• A positive attitude is mandatory, dependability and reliability should go without saying
• Four years of glass blowing experience either in school or one year of professional experience
• Able to lift to 50 pounds
• And they usually want you to be at least 18 years of age with a current driver’s license and a safe driving record

This is just a sample for a proposed internship, so only use it as a guideline if you’re making or getting an offer. This information may also help you ask good questions during an interview.

The Best in Glass Blown Art

There are several well-known modern artists whose amazing glass work is positively must see. Some of their names follow:

• Dale Chihuly was one of the first students at the University of Wisconsin
• William Morris was a truck driver for the Pilchuck Glass School before he started learning the craft, becoming an instructor and is now one of the top artists
• Jack Storms developed a cold glass processing that requires 24 weeks of intensive work to complete, and his efforts are remarkable
• Sidney Hutter has some of his artwork displayed in the finest internationally known museums
• Lino Tagliapietra is an icon in the industry, he started his apprenticeship at the age of 12 and is responsible for creating many of the processes used today that are the norm for the industry
• Howard Ben Tré got his reputation for glass castings
• Robert Mickelson is one of only a few prominent artists to work with flameworking and has published some technical articles about this unique process.
• Richard Royal was one of the first Artists-In-Residence at the Waterford Crystal Factory and teaches at the first glass school, Pilchuck in Washington
• Rick Satava had one of his pieces featured in “Guardians of the Galaxy.”
• Marta Klonowska is known for her glass-shard sculptures of animals, especially the canine companions of prominent historical figures
• Tom Fruin amazes thousands of viewers daily when they drive past his life size water tower on the rooftop of 20 Jay Street near the Brooklyn and Manhatten bridges. This beautiful object is made of about 1,000 scrap pieces of plexiglass, found in the locality. The water tower had both interior and exterior access ladders and a functional roof hatch.